Wire Ropes

A Incotep trouxe para o mercado uma máquina que inova a maneira de produzir Tirantes de Cordoalhas. Ela nos permite entregar os tirantes com proteção anticorrosiva, já prontos e conforme o cronograma da obra do cliente.

Podemos atender em três formatos:
- Cortada na medida solicitada.
- Cortada e com proteção anticorrosiva.
- Tirante montado.
Incotep Wire Rope Rods for Prestressing are products which are resistant to traction, being the most commonly the seven-thread ones which are constituted by steel threads in the same nominal diameter, strung together in a helical shape.
In temporary works it is very common the use of rigid systems composed of metal beams inclined in relation to the facing, whose objective is to receive the rod already in the project inclination. In these cases, the system total or partial reuse is onerous and hard to make it viable. Given these issues, Incotep presents an anchoring system, composed of metal beams and anchoring head for the rods. Such demo system is called Bracket