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Coating Tubes

Incotep Coating Tubes for Micropile are manufactured with differentiated materials in relation to the ones offered in the market.

Our tubes have exclusive threads system and treated to make connection easy and lengthen useful life.


The Micropile is an “in-loco” concreted pile, considered small diameter, because it ranges from 127 mm to 450 mm, having high load capacity essentially based on resistance for lateral friction of the crossed terrain, in its diameter and length. Evidently, if presence of rock at its edge is verified, it can also be used as cutting-edge resistance pile.

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Technical Chart


Diâmetros conforme recomendações do Manual de Execução de Fundações – Práticas Recomendadas - ABEF.



  • Confeccionamos sapatas personalizadas para cada tipo de solo.
  • Confeccionamos flanges e cabeçotes conjugados para adaptações em equipamentos.


  • The Micropiles stand great compression and traction loads.
  • Can reach big depths.
  • Can be executed both in soil and in rock.
  • Reach places where access is difficult.